First Peoples' Water Engagement Council membersEffective stakeholder engagement and informed advocacy are critical in advancing water reform.

To progress its COAG reform objectives, the Commission collaborates extensively with federal, state and territory government agencies.

Our Strategic Plan 2012–15 signals even stronger engagement with COAG and jurisdictions, who have core stewardship responsibility for water as a vital input to vibrant communities, a healthy economy and a sustainable environment.

The Commission actively participates in a range of industry and research alliances that provide important channels for sharing knowledge, building capacity and improving water management.

The Commission values our stakeholders as partners in reform, actively seek their views to inform our decisions, and welcome their scrutiny of our actions.

We have established formal channels for stakeholder engagement—principally the Stakeholder Reference Group.

Previously, the Commission had convened specialist committees to provide us with technical and expert advice, for example the Groundwater Technical Advisory Group and the First Peoples' Water Engagement Council.

The Commission also communicates with clients, partners and stakeholders through a range of consultative processes, participation in water sector and industry events, and its program of meetings and site visits outside Canberra.

Through its partnerships and collaborations, the Commission seeks to:

  • support others to take decisions that contribute to reform progress
  • build a shared vision for sustainable water management
  • harness the best evidence and knowledge available to inform its work program and deliverables
  • broker information and build capacity by sharing findings and leading practice
  • advocate the benefits of water reform and generate national conversation around related issues
  • build our understanding of the interests and positions of industry and other non-government stakeholders.
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