The Commission's independence and expertise primarily resides in our Commissioners.


The Hon Karlene Maywald


Ms Leith Boully

Dr Jane Doolan

Mr Rob Freeman

Dr Des Lord

Acting CEO

Ms Kerry Olsson

The Commission Chief Executive Officer reports directly to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, and is accountable to the minister for the effective and efficient operation of the Commission.

Under her leadership, there are two operational groups, Planning and Evaluation, and Industry and Sustainability; together with a Communication and Parliamentary Liaison team, and a Corporate Management team.

Operational groups and teams

Planning and Evaluation

Group Manager: Mr Matt Kendall

Comprised of two teams – Water planning, and Information and evaluation – the group leads analysis and reporting on issues including planning, monitoring and evaluation, Indigenous water, Northern Australia, and water accounting. The group is also responsible for managing the delivery of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan audit and the triennial assessment.

Industry and Sustainability

Acting Group Manager: Mr Justin Foley

Comprised of two teams – Water industry, and Sustainability and groundwater – the group leads analysis and reporting on issues including urban water, rural water use, groundwater, pricing, markets and trading, structural adjustment, carbon farming and environmental water.

Corporate Management

Senior Manager: Mr Gary Bullivant

Responsible for providing strategic business advice and operational support for the Commission across a range of services including governance, planning, finance, human resources, information technology and property.

Communication and Parliamentary Liaison

Director: Ms Lynne Griffiths

Provides strategic communication advice and manages the Commission's media activities, public affairs, web presence, publications, stakeholder engagement activities, ministerial and parliamentary services.

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