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The Commission has funded a host of information products and web-based tools to improve Australia's national capacity to measure, monitor and manage water resources. Most were funded under the Raising National Water Standards (RNWS) Program, which closed on 30 June 2012.

Some popular and useful products or tools are listed below. Others may be found in our Library and projects archive.

Water information tools and resources

National Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

The atlas presents the current knowledge of GDEs across Australia, and shows known GDEs as well as ecosystems that potentially use groundwater. This tool assists the consideration of ecosystem groundwater requirements in natural resource management, including water planning and environmental impact assessment.

Australian Water Resources 2005

Provides a snapshot of Australia's water resources at the beginning of the NWI reform journey in 2004-05. The website contains baseline data on water availability, water use and river and wetland health, including integrated surface water and groundwater balances for priority water management areas, comprehensive statistics on water use in the Australian economy in 2004–05, and a national framework for assessing river and wetland health.

Water storage

An information product that presents the first national view of the state of Australia's water storages. It was funded by the Commission under its $10million Australian Water Resources Information System project and developed by the Bureau of Meteorology.

New South Wales environmental water register

This register provides a record of NSW water access licences dedicated as a source of adaptive environmental water, environmental water set aside as 'rules' in water sharing plans and adaptive Environmental Water Use Plans.

Victorian water register

The Victorian Water Register is a public register of all water-related entitlements in Victoria. RNWS project page.

Water efficiency labelling and standards scheme

The website includes advice pages on WELS tailored for Australians wanting to buy water efficient products, manufacturers and importers, retailers and wholesalers, plumbers and builders, architects and specifiers and local government. RNWS project page.

Tools for planners and managers

National Water Planning Report Card

A new interactive web resource to help people easily access information on the status of water planning across Australia. This online web application, based on the inaugural report National Water Planning Report Card 2011, provides a summary of the status of water plans across Australia, including the quality of existing water plans, their implementation, and areas for future improvement.

Source modelling platform

Source is Australia’s first truly integrated, river basin-scale water modelling system - an enterprise platform which enables organisations to make a step change improvement in their approach to water resources management. It was developed by eWater Cooperative Research Centre in collaboration with a team of leading Australian hydrologists. The Commission funded three critical components of the Source model under the RNWS Program.

Sulfidic sediments action support tool

This tool was developed to assist environmental water managers manage inland wetlands to prevent the buildup of acid sulfate soils, and help them remediate affected systems. RNWS project page.

Community water planner

A tool to help assess and manage the risks in remote Australian community water supplies. This is a joint initiative between the National Health and Research Council and the National Water Commission. You can log in to the tool and develop your own management plan for a remote community.

Community of Practice for environmental water managers

A portal to support professionals working in environmental water management, policy or research. The portal was developed under the Commission's Community of practice for environmental water managers project.

Ecotoxicity toolbox

A toolbox to evaluate water quality for recycling – it allows users to assess a range of toxic responses. RNWS project page.

Tools for gardeners

Arising from the Commission's WaterRight project, several web tools were developed to help people explore how much water their garden needs to remain healthy, and the best time to apply water. These tools supply information on local factors affecting garden and lawn watering needs including plants, soil, wind, shade, rain and the season.

Canberra WaterRight gardens tool

Sydney WaterRight gardens tool

Adelaide WaterRight gardens tool

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