Former Commissioners

Former National Water commission commissionersInaugural Commissioners—appointed March 2005

Mr Ken Matthews AOChair and CEO

Mr Peter Corish

Dr Wally Cox PSM

Professor Peter Cullen AO FTSE

Ms Chloe Munro

Dr John Radcliffe AM FTSE

Mr David Trebeck

Second Commission—appointed August 2008

Mr Ken Matthews AOChair and CEO (see note below)

Mr Laurie Arthur

Professor Stuart Bunn (see note below)

Mr Chris Davis

Ms Sally Farrier

Ms Elaine Gardiner

Ms Chloe Munro (see note below)

Following Ken Matthews’ retirement as Chair and Chief Executive Officer in October 2010, Chloe Munro was appointed Chair in May 2011 (after acting in the role since October 2010).Chloe resigned her position on 31 March 2012 to take up an appointment as the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the new Clean Energy Regulator. Professor Stuart Bunn then served as Acting Chair from 1 April to 30 June 2012.

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