Our Work

The National Water Commission provides independent, evidence-based advice to COAG and the Australian Government on national water issues. We do so by assessing, auditing and monitoring water reform progress.

We also promote and assist the effective implementation of national water objectives and inform water management decisions through strategic guidance and information.

The Commission has additional functions delegated by other Commonwealth acts and regulations, which require us to provide independent advice and reports.

The Commission has developed a rolling three-year work program to deliver on its core functions.

Current news

The Australian Government has decided to close National Water Commission at the end of 2014. More information


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Assessing and monitoring progress

The Commission has a specific function to assess progress by all governments in achieving the objectives and outcomes in the National Water Initiative (NWI) every three years. We also deliver other assessment and monitoring reports to inform the triennial assessment and provide advice and recommendations to improve water management in Australia.

Irrigation regulator, Goulbourn Valley

Murray-Darling Basin audit

The Commission has an ongoing audit function to report on the performance of all relevant bodies in implementing the Murray–Darling Basin Plan and associated water resource plans. Our goal is to improve public confidence, strengthen accountability and transparency, and promote more effective water resource management across the basin.

Promoting water reform

We also have a role to undertake other activities that promote the objectives and outcomes of the NWI. The Commission does so by working with governments, industry and other stakeholders to facilitate improvements in water management throughout Australia.

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