Assessing and monitoring progress

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Triennial assessments

Under the National Water Commission Act, we have a specific function to perform triennial assessments of progress by all parties in achieving the objectives and outcomes in the National Water Initiative (NWI), the first of which is due in 2014.

This assessment will present a comprehensive view of progress in the implementation of the NWI, including subsequent COAG reforms, and make recommendations to COAG on actions that governments might take to better achieve national water reform objectives and outcomes.

Previous biennial assessments

National water reform assessment 2014 (triennial assessment)

Other assessment and monitoring reports

We provide advice and recommendations on priority and emerging national water issues through other assessment reports, many of which will contribute to our triennial assessment. Our monitoring reports promote transparency in the water sector and benchmark industry performance.

Work program activities

The Commission's forward work program has been developed to deliver on our core functions, including our obligations under other Acts and referrals. Through our range of program projects, we will continue our strong, transparent and public reporting on water reform progress.

The program also includes the triennial National Water Reform Assessment and our Murray–Darling Basin audit. Some projects will produce public reports; others will contribute to our triennial assessment and provide strategic guidance.

  • Water markets reports—a series of projects that will produce an annual markets report, together with reports on current market issues, trends and drivers that influence trade, and emerging markets.
  • CFI framework and area assessments—to fulfill our role in assessing the adequacy of interception arrangements under the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Regulations 2011.
  • Interception—assesses legislative and planning approaches used to manage the impacts of interception activities
  • Water recovery pathways—a review of progress on how water recovery pathways are returning identified systems to sustainable levels of extraction
  • Monitoring and evaluation—assesses the effectiveness of current monitoring, evaluation and reporting frameworks
  • Environmental water management review—an update on identified areas for improvement in jurisdictions' planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and governance arrangements
  • Extractive industries—two related projects considering the interaction of water and mining policy, and current state and territory regulatory arrangements for unconventional gas
  • National performance reports—annual urban and rural performance reports to benchmark pricing and service quality for metropolitan, regional and rural water delivery agencies
  • Integrating groundwater and surface water management—a review of progress on jurisdictional approaches to dealing with groundwater/surface water connectivity
  • Urban futures—will support a new agenda for urban water reform through targeted engagement with key stakeholder groups
  • Water planning report card—an update to the 2011 baseline assessment, examining the extent of change to water planning arrangements across Australia
  • MDB national partnership assessment—will assess the performance of MDB states in implementing agreed milestones under the National Partnership on Implementing Water Reform in the Murray–Darling Basin
  • Review of Indigenous involvement in water planning — describes the status and progress of arrangements since the last review undertaken as a contribution to the 2011 biennial assessment

Current news

The Australian Government has decided to close National Water Commission at the end of 2014. More information

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